"I love this class!"

-That's what Group 1 Kids are saying.

When kids are having fun, they are present. When they are present, they can pay attention. When they pay attention, they can learn. THAT'S THE GOAL!! I'm teaching them HOW to harness the power of their thoughts and feelings to love themselves, thrive, maintain a good attitude, be kind to others and live a healthy, positive, successful life overall. I lead off each session with a specific topic for the day and then open up for discussion and questions. I'm sooooo glad they're loving it. ❤ (Read more below)

Next "Monday-Group" Session Dates:

April 26th at 5:30 PM EST

May 3rd at 5:30 PM EST 

May 10th at 5:30 PM EST 

May 17th at 5:30 PM EST 

Give your kids the tools to raise their self-esteem, nurture a positive mindset and maintain a healthy attitude while dealing with difficult times in life.

These Online Group Coaching Sessions feature Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, problem solving methods and life coaching tools to transform the way kids are thinking, feeling and dealing with obstacles.

The secret is to show WHAT the tools are and HOW to use them to make significant changes that last!

There are 3 different options kids can enroll in.  You are currently on the enrollment page for Monday sessions at 5:30 PM EST.

To see the content in this session scroll down to "course curriculum".  To compare the content that is available in the other sessions, click here.

At this time, each cohort is limited to 10 students, so if you are ever unable to enroll, that means this group is already full. If that happens, just click here to see the other session options and let us know you want to get in.

What to Expect from Online Group Sessions

Here are the amazing things you can expect in each and every group session.

  • Breathing exercises used to begin class

  • Specific coaching tool/topic addressed each session

  • Webinar style platform, so kids faces are not shown

  • Kids have full access to chat box communication with each other & Dr. Simone

  • Live demos, games, images and videos used to enhance teaching

  • Every child is called on multiple times to answer questions, give opinions or simply type an emoji to demonstrate active engagement throughout class

  • Lots of humor, stories and engaging methods used to maintain attention

  • Option to turn on camera and ask questions at the end of session

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Coaching Schedule

  • 2

    4 Coaching Topics

    • Week #1 Filter on the Brain

    • Week #2 Ring of Power

    • Week #3 Feeling Map (for decision making)

    • Week #4 Appreciation

  • 3


    • Replays, Resources and Reminders