Modeling Confidence:

 Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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All Your Questions Answered by Academy Founder, Dr. Simone Alicia.

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This online class offers a unique blend of proven Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and runway inspired tools. Students will...

  • Learn how to introduce yourself confidently (Slating)

  • Understand how to use a confident tone of voice (Tonality)

  • Get to know about Target Emotions

  • Recognize the value of the Psycho-Physical (Mind-Body) Connection

  • Master confident body language, including posture

  • Gain the benefits of heart centered deep breathing, to relax & focus

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What is NLP Modeling?

"NLP Modeling" is the process learning by observing, retaining and replicating patterns of language and behavior. In this class, The Self Esteem Doctor is using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and tools from the runway to teach & model tips for building self-esteem & projecting greater confidence.


Acts shy, sits or walks with bad posture, gives off a "down" or unhappy body language, panics when entering a new or uncomfortable situation, seems to hold their breath when nervous or scared, mumbles, whispers or looks down when greeting people, seems to lose control of emotions easily, or is easily affected by their environment in negative ways.

Class Curriculum (Outline Only)

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    • 👉MAKING NEW FRIENDS👈 How to use the tools from class

    • 👉SPEAKING TO A GROUP👈 How to use the tools from class ("A Presentation")

    • 👉WALKING INTO A FULL ROOM👈 How to use the tools from class

    • 👉BY YOURSELF AT LUNCH👈 How to use the tools from class

    • 👉NOT FEELING INVISIBLE👈 How to use the tools from class

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    • Modeling Confidence LEVEL 2 - Live, Online, Interactive with Dr. Simone

    • Modeling Confidence In-Person with Dr. Simone (Invitation Only)

Who's Teaching This Class?

The Self Esteem Doctor

Simone Alicia

Dr. Simone is a five star coach and jaw-dropping motivational speaker who transforms kids, teens and adults all around the world with her magnetic personality, amazing energy and natural sense of humor. She mesmerizes audiences of all ages by helping them improve the way they think and feel about themselves, and their lives, using a powerful blend of neuro-linguistic programming and other highly effective coaching tools. "My mission is to teach kids, teens & families HOW to improve their mindset and maintain healthy self-esteem for now and throughout their lives. I teach real world tools, tips and techniques to help kids make real changes in their thoughts and behavior choices. By focusing on simple, fun & proven methods, I help kids to feel capable and ready to improve. I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to the Academy!" Dr. Simone Alicia D.D.h.c.