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Affiliates are upstanding individuals, organizations or companies who believe in our mission and eagerly want to connect The Self Esteem Doctor resources with children and families who need them. Becoming an affiliate is easy, simply create your account, sign your agreement and voila! You are on your way to empowering kids and receiving a financial gift of thanks along the way. We're excited to have you on board!


We Are In This Together ❤ Thanks for Helping Us Connect


The Self Esteem Doctor is a leader in using NLP inspired techniques to cultivate self-esteem in kids, teens and adults. This Affiliate program is specifically designed to issue commissions for ONE (1) course within the academy, called the Easy Self Esteem Builder for Kids (Segment One). In this course, videos, demos, games and additional resources are provided to help students and families practice the mindset needed for healthy self-esteem, positive attitude and improved behaviors. The goal is to work together with affiliates to spread these resources to children and families across the globe, in an initiative called: "We're In This Together."


After your acceptance into our program, you will have access to some creatives to help promote The Self Esteem Doctor's "Easy Self Esteem Builder for Kids (Segment One)." You are also welcome to create your own images/posts/banners, as long as they are appropriate and representative of our family friendly, positive image, and consistent with what we are actually offering. When your reader/follower/client/referral clicks on your personalized link, a tracking cookie is placed on their device. So, when he or she then makes a purchase, the sale is automatically linked to you and your account is credited for a commission, which is payable though PayPal.


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