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Updated 6/13/22

Scroll through our list of courses, classes and resources which contain pre-recorded, on-demand, video-courses, as well as printables, audios, links, expert contributions & more. Click on the links  to learn more about each resource and access the content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world - with internet access.

Free Courses/Content

Resource Library ($0)- Family

Year Round Goal Setting for Kids ($0) - Family

Mental Imagery Meditation ($0) - Whole family


10 Million Likes for Me - Step 1 - ($0) - teens

10 Million Likes for Me - Step 2 - ($0) - teens

10 Million Likes for Me - Step 3 - ($55) - teens

Mini Courses

The Self-Esteem Blueprint ($25) - kids, teens, adults

Self Esteem and Comparing with Others ($15)- family, advocates

Self Esteem and Meditation ($15)- family, advocates

⭐Flagship Courses

Easy Self Esteem Builder ($160)- Kids age 7-12 & parents 🏅Scholarship Available

NLP Modeling Confidence - ($75) Kids, Teens, Adults

Books & Magazines

TSED Academy Magazine ($0) - family, advocates

33 Ways to Reduce Stress and Raise Self-Esteem ($3.99) - family, advocates

Meet with The Self-Esteem Doctor, Simone Alicia, for a one-of-a kind group coaching experience. Gather up to 6 friends, select one of three group options, and schedule a custom date and time to meet.  All group coaching is done live and online.

Group Coaching (live, online)

Group 1 Coaching (4 topics/ 4 weeks) ($250pp) - private group, custom scheduling

Group 2 Coaching (4 topics/ 4 weeks) ($250pp) - private group, custom scheduling 

Group 3 Coaching (4 topics/ 4 weeks) ($250pp) - private group, custom scheduling 

*Now Available for all ages - kids, teens, & adults*

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Welcome to our Academy

Pre-Recorded | Self-Paced | On-Demand | Video-Lessons

Enjoy this sneak peak into our world of self-love.

The Mission 🛡

To provide kids with unique step-by-step lessons and easy-to-use strategies that teach them HOW to fundamentally improve the way they think and feel about themselves so they can understand their value, think more clearly, make better choices, improve their behavior & demonstrate self-love in all they do.

The Vision 👀

For every child around the globe, regardless of location or socio-economic status, to have access to proven self-esteem building tools that they can easily understand and apply in their day-to-day lives from childhood to adulthood.

The Self Esteem Doctor was Founded by:

The Self Esteem Doctor

Simone Alicia

Dr. Simone is a five star coach and jaw-dropping motivational speaker who transforms kids, teens and adults all around the world with her magnetic personality, amazing energy and natural sense of humor. She mesmerizes audiences of all ages by helping them improve the way they think and feel about themselves, and their lives, using a powerful blend of neuro-linguistic programming and other highly effective coaching tools. "My mission is to teach kids, teens & families HOW to improve their mindset and maintain healthy self-esteem for now and throughout their lives. I teach real world tools, tips and techniques to help kids make real changes in their thoughts and behavior choices. By focusing on simple, fun & proven methods, I help kids to feel capable and ready to improve. I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to the Academy!" Dr. Simone Alicia D.D.h.c.

You'll be Glad You Signed Up!

What Students Get

Expect Great Things from TSED Academy

  • Strategies

    Students and families learn to use the power of thoughts, visualization, mental imagery, reframing and other Neuro Linguistic Programming inspired techniques to help improve attitude & behavior.

  • A Memorable Experience

    Engaging, interactive, attention getting and fun are some of the words used to describe these lessons and courses. Dr. Simone carefully considered the various needs & learning styles of both current & future students.

  • Results

    Measurable outcomes have become the standard for Dr. Simone's unique coaching work. This is more than a fun experience with some cool techniques. It's about students naturally applying what they've learned & seeing the positive results.

Certificates & Medals

Each Course Offers Its Own Reward


This helpful checklist will give you a clear picture of the fundamental features that TSED Academy offers throughout various courses and lessons.

  • All lessons and tools have a proven track record of success with Dr. Simone's clients (kids, teens families and professionals)

  • Based on Neuro Linguistic Programming Principals and other holistic coaching tools

  • Engaging and interactive video lessons

  • Topics are current and relevant to kids' needs...relative to self-esteem and more

  • Some courses include games, quizzes, posters, etc

  • Includes top-of-the-line parent resources

  • 24-hour access to the courses and live coaching-recordings (if enrolled)

  • BONUS: Lifelong access to the courses you enroll in

Let's Talk

If our mission appeals to you and the content & coaching feel like a good fit for your family's needs, then we look forward to welcoming you to the Academy. Let's schedule a quick chat to answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction for your child's needs.

More Amazing Feedback for You

It stuck with them

Father of 5 & 8 year old

"The kids couldn't wait to tell me about it this morning. Awesome job! It really stuck with them."

We laughed, it was very good

Mom of 10 year old

"It was great, he was very happy. We watched it together and we laughed and it was very good."

I was surprised

Mom of 10 year old

"It was great and I was surprised that {she} seemed to be enjoying it as much as she did and asked to join again!"

I see changes in her

So cute Simone, She loves your class. I see changes in her after she has been in your class.

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About The Self Esteem Doctor, Simone Alicia, and the foundation of her work in Neuro Linguistic Programming & Holistic Coaching