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Only 5-10 kids will be accepted into the summer program.

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Self Love Summer Experience, July 12th to August 4th

A Special Blend of Live Online Coaching and Recorded Classes for Summer! (Age 7-12)

Live Coaching plus lots of bonuses. Get ready to watch your little one improve! During The Self Love Summer, your kids will join Dr. Simone, Live, Online on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 4 weeks to learn tools, tips and techniques to help them build self-esteem, confidence and compassion for others. Each session is 1-hour of indescribably enjoyable learning, that can fundamentally change the way your kids think, feel and BEHAVE! ❤ The summer experience also comes with pre-recorded video lessons that are not just watched, they are experienced! Your kids will watch intensely as Dr. Simone conducts hands-on demonstrations and creates lasting strategies that your children will use for a lifetime! ❤ Read below to see the 4 elements of our Self-Love Summer.

#1) Group Coaching

(Watch each video for an explanation of the topics discussed)

REMEMBER: For the summer program you are enrolled in ALL THREE! 

Monday Group:

5:30pm EST to 6:30 PM EDT, US&Canada

Tuesday Group:

5:30pm EST to 6:30 PM EDT, US&Canada

Wednesday Group:

5:30pm EST to 6:30 PM EDT, US&Canada


#2) Parent Resources

Parents Receive Resources, Reminders and Tools to Accompany Each Live Coaching Session.

Parent Resources for Monday Group Coaching
Parent Resources for Tuesday Group Coaching
Parent Resources for Wednesday Group Coaching

#3) The Recorded Lessons 📺

It's called The Easy Self Esteem Builder & it's included for FREE! ($160 Value)

Dr. Simone doing demonstrationD
Dr. Simone defining terms.
Dr. Simone playing game show quiz.
Dr. Simone teaching the tools.
Dr. Simone's self esteem song.
Dr. Simone testing for comprehension
Dr. Simone provides practice materials & games.
Dr. Simone provides more practice materials & games.
Dr. Simone gives a certificate for completing class.

More About The Easy Self Esteem Builder

An Interactive video-Course for Kids

The Easy Self Esteem Builder is a course designed by The Self Esteem Doctor for kids age 7-12 (and perhaps older kids too) and their parents. The course features 4 Topics taught with 30+ lessons including an abundance of support materials, like worksheets, reflection questions, games and resources to help kids on a steady journey of self-esteem building. The foundations of the lessons include Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other coaching tools that have brought success to countless kids who've worked with The Self Esteem Doctor. You will have lifetime access to the course and the coaching recordings to revisit and review as often as you'd like. Scroll down to see the topics included the video-lessons. AFTER YOU ENROLL DR. SIMONE WILL CONTACT YOU TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND AND ACCESS EVERYTHING! ❤

#4) Group Coaching Medals

Kids are awarded a medal upon completion of ALL 3 Coaching Groups

Girls & Boys are Loving it!

Here's Your Special Summer Offer

Girls love it
Boys love it

Unique and Unexpected Bonuses

This is what makes Dr. Simone's group coaching style outstanding and her success-rate mind blowing!

  • IMMEDIATE REAL WORLD APPLICATION: Parents are able to discretely share areas of concern and specific incidents about their child(ren) so that those details can be discreetly built into examples, stories and lessons to help each child connect to the tools being taught.

  • DISTRACTIONS ARE DOWN & CONFIDENCE IS UP: We use webinar style (NOT ZOOM), so kids faces are not shown. The teacher is the focus and class size is limited to 5-10 students.

  • MIND, BODY, SOUL CONNECTION ENCOURAGED: Breathing exercises, specific coaching topics and child-friendly techniques are the focus of each session.

  • EACH CHILD FEELS SEEN, RECOGNIZED & IMPORTANT: Every child is called on multiple times to answer questions, give opinions or simply type an emoji to demonstrate active engagement all throughout class.

  • ALL LEARNING STYLES ARE CONSIDERED: Live demos, games, images and videos used to enhance teaching. Lots of humor, stories and engaging methods used to maintain attention.

  • UNLIMITED COMMUNICATION: Kids have full access to chat box communication with each other & Dr. Simone. They also have the option to turn on camera, speak and ask questions at the end of session.

  • PAY ONCE PER FAMILY: When you enroll for group coaching, all of the kids in your household are invited to come. So you pay once and all of your kids are covered...plus parents are always invited to follow along - although some kids may prefer to be alone. (But don't worry all sessions are recorded, so parents - and kids- can watch again later).


I see the benefits and feel great about this opportunity!

What if my kid(s) can only attend one of the days?

Summer can be often be full of travel, camping adventures and lots of family time, so if you can't make it to all 3 sessions of Self Love Summer, then click below to select one day that works best for you.

Click for Monday's only

Click for Tuesday's only

Click for Wednesday's only


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