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What's the meaning & purpose of 10 Million Likes for Me

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"She was Instantly Happier!"

-That's the typical response I get after working with teens

My track record of success with teens in undeniable. I often meet them in a particularly negative, overwhelmed or confused state and then I successfully guide them to a place of optimism and hope. It changes them! I believe the trick is in giving them some strong foundations of 'self' in a fun and easy to understand way. They need to know there are tools. They need to know HOW to use them, Once they get it - they get it! We never have to give up on our teens. We just need to teach them HOW some of this happiness stuff works! This Step-1 freebie for teens is all about exposing them to some valuable knowledge that I have found throughout the years. It's a gentle introduction into what will later become fundamental parts of their self-esteem journey.

What's Inside?

This "Free-For-All-Teens" is about providing information that is readily available, but we may not all find on our quest for self-love and happiness. So they are collected here for you, easy to access and come back to - as part of the bigger "10 Million Likes for Me" series for Teens. In this "Step-1" You'll find 6 hand-selected videos from YouTube that teach:

  • Neuroplasticity (your brain can change) explained in a SUPER EASY way

  • Mindfulness using an animated explanation that makes it clear and easy

  • Gratitude in the form of a cool experiment that teens can do right away

  • Meditation and the actual science explaining why it works and how

  • Yoga moves that are easy, relaxing and help to release anxiety

  • 5 Specific steps to help your brain and body to make lasting changes

Step 1 Course Curriculum (Outline Only)

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    1. What is Neuroplasticity?

    1. Mindfulness is a Superpower

    1. The Gratitude Experiment

    1. The Scientific Power of Meditation

    1. Relieve Anxiety with Poses from Yoga

    1. 5 Steps to Change Your Life

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