What will the teens get?

  • Questions from Teens

    Relatable questions that real teens, just like them, have actually asked me over the years.

  • Video Answers

    Direct answers to the questions with examples and tips in video format to help them connect.

  • Coaching Take-Aways

    Real coaching take-aways clearly described with valuable tools and actionable steps they can take.

"You are very relatable!"

-That's what the teens always say after they work with me.

How do I do it? How do I get teens talking and smiling at the dinner table again? I solve problems. No, not the day to day mini-dramas that take over the lives of our teens. I am talking about the deep pressing questions they have about life, family, success and themselves. And I don't just tell them what to do. I teach them the skills they need and the power they have within to continuously solve problems and find joy. I essentially unlock them from the invisible trap of teenage confusion by answering their real questions in real ways. In this Q&A, I selected 4 common questions that I have gotten from teens over the years to help them get the answers they need. In step-1 you heard from others, but here in step-2 the teens will hear directly from me. ❤

Step 2 Course Curriculum (Outline Only)

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  • 1

    How do I deal with criticism?

    • Constant Criticism from Someone Close to Me...

    • Coaching Take-Away for you...

  • 2

    How do I deal with feeling like I'm doing everything wrong?

    • I feel like I'm doing everything wrong...

    • Coaching Take-Away for you...

  • 3

    I need more attention & affection from my mom, what should I do?

    • I need more attention and affection from mom...

    • Coaching Take-Away for you...

  • 4

    How do I approach people without feeling awkward?

    • I want to learn to approach new people...

    • Coaching Take-Away for you...

  • 5

    Do you have questions?

    • What's your question?