Monthly Personal Development Masterclass

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{ONLINE EVENT}Get ready to elevate your life with our transformative masterclass! We'll dive into innovative and little-known self-development tools, designed to empower you to overcome obstacles, achieve success, and enhance your overall well-being. Discover the power of unconventional techniques backed by science and research, as you watch your full potential come to life! Be ready to have your deepest questions answered! Coupon Code for clients and academy members: 15FORMEMBERS

What to Expect

At This Online Event

  • Opening and Closing Remarks by Dr. Simone Alicia, D.D.h..c

    Get ready for Dr. Simone to open and close out this event with powerful words that resonate deep within your mind, body and soul. The Self Esteem Doctor will set the tone for receptivity, relief and restoration.

  • Q&A Time

    We will take live questions from attendees via video, voice, and chat box. We will also pull from questions you submit during sign up as well as recurring questions from our clients. It's time to walk away with real and useful answers.

  • Fun, Materials, & Support

    This family friendly conference will feature free printable & downloadable resources, prizes, and tons of support for your self-esteem building needs. All ages welcome: kids, teens, parents, adults, and professionals too!



Hosted by Dr. Simone Alicia

The Self Esteem Doctor Simone Alicia

"My mission is to teach people of all ages HOW to improve their mindset and maintain healthy self-esteem, throughout their lives. I teach real world tools, tips and techniques to help kids, teens, and adults to make real changes in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. By focusing on simple, proven methods, I help individuals and organizations to feel capable and ready to improve. I'm so glad you're here to benefit from these resources. Welcome to the Academy and be sure to reach out anytime." Dr. Simone Alicia D.D.h.c. Speaker | Author | Coach

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Dr. Simone has spread knowledge and skills in interviews around the globe and now it's your turn to ask the questions!