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Get them excited about Self-Esteem with a lively in-person presentation

Teachers need cooperation, parents want results and students need tools! Dr. Simone's school presentations will check all of those boxes for your elementary, middle, or high school campus. We highly recommend planning your self-esteem curriculum to include a faculty presentation, a student workshop, a parent Q&A and online resources from The Self Esteem Doctor.

Schedule an Author Visit, Workshop & Book Signing

We can organize a lively presentation with Q&A and book signing on your campus. Parents and students can purchase their copy of Dr. Simone's book on Amazon & gather together to learn from The Self Esteem Doctor.

What a great way to provide support for families at your school! They get a physical product to use as a reference during difficult times and a chance to hear from the author, Dr. Simone. From hands-on workshops and interactive presentations to Q&A's, photos, and book signings this show stopping event can bring true inspiration to everyone on your campus. Schedule a consultation to learn more and discuss this option.

ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOLS: Add Our #1️⃣Course to Your Curriculum

We provide resources, data reporting and full course support, while NOT adding extra workload for teachers

Integrate a Self-Esteem Poetry Unit Into Your High School Curriculum

10 Million Likes for Me: Expansion

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What's the meaning & purpose of 10 Million Likes for Me

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10 Million Likes For Me

✨EXPANSION✨...for high schoolers

In this course students take an emotional journey through common pain points experienced during high school. Poems are designed to help students move through emotions with new, empowered perspectives while they learn practical tools they can use. Course includes: poetry, activities, challenges, and reflection questions. We provide the resources, grade and report on performance and offer full course support, while NOT adding extra workload for teachers!

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