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The Easy Self Esteem Builder Flagship Course for Kids

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    Easy Self Esteem Builder for Kids, Segment One

    Self-paced, interactive video course that helps kids build self esteem. Topics covered include: how to believe in yourself, how to stay positive, how to make good choices, and the importance of never giving up. For kids and pre-teens.
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  • $75.00

    The Self Esteem Blueprint

    Detailed, step-by-step self-esteem building guide, using various tools including mental imagery, emotions and taking appropriate action. For all kids, teens and adults.
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  • $50.00

    Self-Esteem & Comparing with Others (mini-course)

    Mini-course featuring visual language and analogies to help create a better foundation for less comparing and greater self-esteem. For kids, teens and adults.
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YouTube Resources For Kids & Preteens

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We're more than just a collection of tips for kids and preteens. We're a community of love, committed to improving the well-being of humanity through our self-esteem work. Please call, email and get in touch so we can work with you during all stages of this journey... ✨...before you enroll, while you're learning and for as long as you need us afterwards! ✨

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